What is a Pre-Drywall Inspection?

A pre-drywall inspection is the second phase of new construction inspections. During the framing stage these systems will be present:

This inspection will allow us to view the interior wall structure and framing that is usually hidden in a final inspection. Proper installation of insulation is important for energy conservation. Our inspection will ensure that all the components are in line with the current safety standards.

This is the stage before the frame becomes a home. Eight out of ten people that order a pre-drywall inspection, have more insight into the structure of their home and have direct knowledge on how to maintain their home longer.

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Advantages of a Pre-Drywall Inspection

  • You will have a report showing all the interior wall structures for future reference
  • Common minor issues can be addressed before it becomes a major problem making defects readily accessible and easily repaired
  • More components are observed than in a general inspection
  • We can ensure that the home is structurally sound
  • You will know YOUR home inside and out

Issues Found at Pre-Drywall Inspections

  • Improper flashing around windows and doors
  • Warped 2X4 studs
  • Broken trusses
  • Missing metal clips & fasteners
  • Incorrect plumbing
  • Long HVAC runs

These defects will always be addressed in the report because it is important to repair these findings before the drywall conceals them. Although most builders are thorough, things are bound to be missed and it’s our job to find them. Make sure your home is in great condition, so it will last for the years to come. Order your pre-drywall inspection today.


You should let the builder know during the pre-construction meeting that you would like to have us come out and complete your phase inspections. Due to the many time constraints during construction, it is important to coordinate with the builder so that the opportunity is not missed. Many builders appreciate the time courtesy as it allows for proper planning and time framing. Homeowners in the past have been successful with builders adjusting things that are discovered in a pre-drywall inspection at no discretion.