Repair Pricer

The inspection has been completed, now what? 


Repair Pricer helps to turn any home inspection report into an easy-to-read, incredibly accurate repair estimate. Repair Pricer is here to help you take advantage of years of alazying home inspections and providing you with a concise, detailed report that tells you exactly what you SHOULD be paying to ensure the long-term health of your home. Safeline Home Inspections is proud to offer Repair Pricer reports with their home inspections. Call today to learn more about the benefits of a home inspection with Safeline Home Inspections and Repair Pricer!

Safeline Home Inspections is now proud to offer Repair Pricer with our home inspections!

How much will the repairs cost to fix?

Safeline Home Inspections has found the best possible way to help you answer this question. Did you know that is the most asked question at the end of every inspection? Make sure you hire us to help answer the question "how much will the repairs cost?"